Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cheers to the weekend!

Nothing makes you appreciate the weekend quite like a busy week, and this weekend was most welcome.
I start every single morning with a hot cup of tea and it's so nice to drink it slowly while still in my pj's on the weekend. A little less rushed, with no lunches to pack and no kids to get off to school. Pure bliss....

I usually have another cup in the afternoon to pull me through that late in the day snoozy feeling and occasionnaly I'll partake in a nice cup of herbal tea to send me off to bed at night.

The last couple of mornings here have been foggy and just so very fall like which really puts me in the spirit to bake all things pumpkin/apple/spice and make great big pots of steamy soup.

Baking of course is hell on a calorie aware diet so if I can find these yummy eats with less calories I'm all over it. I follow Gina at her Skinnytaste blog and when she posted these Skinny Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins they instantly became a must bake. They did not disappoint...crazy good, and I highly recommend you try them for yourself.

I took yesterday off from exercising other than taking the dogs for a bracing morning run with the family. They had the bracing run, not me...I ambled along with a three year old asking to ride on my shoulders and just enjoyed the morning. 

I love this shot Chris got of Ella and the dogs..

I will be putting in a 5k run today though. It will probably have a couple walking breaks however as my derriere is still slightly sore from Thursday's mountain hike.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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