Thursday, September 19, 2013

Curing what ails you and some randoms from around the 'net

I'm home with sick kids today. They aren't throwing up thank goodness but lots of coughing and runny noses and while they probably could have gone to school I think a rest day is in order. A rest day requires big pots of soul healing chicken soup like this one here

Cuddles on the couch while watching favourite movies...ours is Babe

And lots of Vitamin C (and tissues!). What do you do to battle a cold? Any tried and true family wisdom to pass on?

Are you a big James Bond fan like I am? Then you might think this website is pretty cool. Anything and everything Bond, from clothes to cars and gadgets food and's all here in one spot.

Looking for some new running tunes? This is a great alternative playlist.

Love this...

A new discovery made in the Amazon....what is making these "picket fences"?

Have you ever seen a Fairy Wren? So beautiful...

Love this jacket.

And this fun colourblock sweater

These Golden Pheasants are glorious...

This guy was in our yard eating apples on the weekend..

On my current Sephora wish list is this Give Me Some Lip collection...

Ok, I'm back to snuggle kiddies...have a great Thursday!

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