Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I sure do love summer...I know it's not technically summer yet but the heatwave going on here right now sure makes it feel like it is. We have been living in shorts and flip flops around here, and are continually thankful for the AC circulating through our house. There is nothing better than being able to enjoy the heat and sunshine and still being able to get away from it when you need a break. And let's not forget sleeping, sleeping in a hot bedroom is the worst, so again I'm thankful.

I took the kiddies to the beach yesterday as soon as Ella was out of school. How much fun is it to go straight from school to the beach on a hot day? They played and played in the water park with all the other littles and took time out to warm up by playing in the sand or running all over the jungle gym.

Watching them play, feeling the warm breeze flowing over me, and looking at the beautiful scenery gave me the most wonderful high...a high on life kind of high. I love the sun.

I've been thinking a lot about yesterday's blog post, about making it happen and to stop saying "I wish.." and instead take real steps towards making what you wish for happen. I need to take my own Motivation Monday advice.. You know what I really wish? I wish I could blog for a living. There, I've said it. I love writing in this blog every day, I love social media, I love talking about beauty products and clothes, I love sharing my daily adventures. I love it so much when I get a message on my FB page or a comment in my comments section or someone takes the time to tell me how much they enjoy my blog, or asks me where to get a pair of shoes I talked about, where they can find my current play list of songs, or that they tried a beauty product I talked about and loved it. That kind of feedback makes me want to blog even more, every day, it keeps me going and I'm so thankful for each one. I loved getting mail as a kid, I had so many pen pals (remember those? Back when people actually wrote letters?) that I could hardly keep count, so I guess I was destined to love blogging and social media. Connecting with people truly makes me happy.

Thank you so much to those of you who read this blog on a regular basis and take the time to comment, I appreciate you more than you know. Please continue to do so, and let me know what you like or would like to see here.

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This post got a little deep, I've been having an up and down kind of day today and it ended up coming out in my post. I remember my friend Sandra telling me that the most important thing to do is to be real, and I always endeavour to be.

Hope you had a great day today. :)

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