Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A couple of reviews and a few randoms...

The newest mascara I've been trying out is Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes! Tarte is known for being a more natural line of make up and this mascara is made without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and dyes, petrochemicals and phthalates. I really found that it made a difference too. Often when using other mascaras by the end of the day my eyes feel quite "stingy" but this one doesn't bother me at all. It is also very long lasting with no smudging (my pet peeve!). It is fairly buildable and you can put on a couple of coats without worrying about clumping. This mascara gets two thumbs up from me in performance but it's not low cost. I think it's worth the price and performs better than quite a few of the other higher end options however.

My second review is for Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil. I must say I thought it a little odd to cleanse my face with oil...moisturize yes, but cleanse? I'm now a believer...this stuff is great! You spread it over your dry face and gently work it into the skin. Then you apply some water which emulsifies it and work it in some more then rinse away. That's it. Your skin will feel amazing afterwards. It works ok on taking eye make up off, I have found that I need to follow up with a bit of remover to get it all, and yes you will still need a bit of moisturizer afterwards. I am really wanting the Josie Maran argan oil.....it's on my list.
Josie Maran is a great natural alternative to your regular beauty items and I would encourage you to check it out. I'm a fan.

 Now for some randoms....

Let's start with a few songs:

This is this weeks iTunes freebie and I really like it...easy and mellow...

I'm becoming quite the fan of Atlas Genius...here's their newest single Centred on You.

If you're looking for something upbeat this one from Fergie is great...throw it in your running mix?

Another one from The Great Gatsby...actually I like this whole soundtrack and will be adding it to my collection since many of the songs you can only buy if you get the entire soundtrack. 

Love this maxi skirt from Alternative Apparel but it's sold out..anyone know where else I can find it?

Doesn't this quinoa with peppers and sausage dish look delish? It's a slow cooker recipe too which means it's perfect for my Wednesday dinner..will be picking up the ingredients today.

Have you seen the Nike Make It Count video? I love it...this is the second one:

I've been wanting a Nike+ FuelBand for awhile....maybe one of my weight loss goal prizes??

Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

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