Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday morning to you! I know that I could use some motivation today. My eating and exercising has been slowing going off course for awhile, and while it hasn't been out of control it is definitely not getting me where I want to be. I want to be fit and lean, and ahem....I'm not either of those things.
Do you have trigger foods? Certain things that you just can't stay away from? I know that sugar is a bad one for me. If I have a bag of candy in the house I will just keep on eating my way through it and it will be gone in a day or two. There is no rationing or having it as a treat. The only way I can have something as a treat is if I go out and have it, like a yummy dessert after dinner, or an ice cream cone. Otherwise if it's here I'll eat it.

And why is it that whenever I (you too??) try to get myself back on track that I think I should do this.....
What's wrong with throwing it out? Yes it does seem wasteful and that's my theory behind doing it but really that's just's only hurting me in the long run. It's also not like I will never have another treat again, I don't need to practice this "last meal" mentality.

I also need to get back to running. I was hitting the treadmill for 5km 5-6 days a week and I felt great! I kept banging away at it, struggling, having a stand on the edges of the treadmill deck to catch my breath but I pushed myself until I could run that 5km. I had never run that far straight through before, and while it may not seem like much for a lot of people it was a long way for me. I really wanted it bad. The day it happened, I'm not going to lie...I shed a tear....and then actually patted myself on the back.

 Now I would like to start building that mileage up, keep adding more km's until I hit the next mark (10km). Not only would it be great to be fit enough to run that far but it would be darn nice to be able to try on a shirt and not worry that it's going to catch on my "mommy tummy".

So what keeps you going when you want to quit? How do you make yourself stick with it?

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