Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pinspiration Friday....that turned into Saturday.

While I did this whole project yesterday I'm not getting it up until now as things just got too busy. Part of that busyness was Chris and I actually getting out for a date night and watching The Great Gatsby which I loved and highly recommend. It was quite spectacular and the soundtrack was fabulous and modern with a 20's twist. A feast for the eyes and the ears... ;)

But back to my Pinspired project...

Yesterday's project was homemade nutella fudgsicles and they couldn't be any easier. I went to my local Wal Mart to pick up the ingredients and was disappointed that they didn't have popsicle molds which is the whole reason I went there. I improvised on the fly however and I think it turned out really well. So what you will need is:

 2/3c Nutella
3c Chocolate milk
Popsicle molds or if you can't find them than
Popsicle sticks
Mini Dixie cups (and I the only who has Kenny Chesney's song run through their head when they hear that... "a bottle of wine and two dixie cups...." No?)

This was a fun project for the kids to do. It was pretty straightforward and the taste testing was much enjoyed.

 Little brothers made it so easy...

Into the mixer on low (very low or there would be a lot of splashing)..

I finished with a hand whisk..

Pour the ingredients into a large measuring cup for easy pouring...

Lay out your dixie cups on a cookie sheet..

 Fill cups (our recipe filled 11 mini cups)..

Put popsicle sticks in each cup..

Another taste test might be in order....quality control is huge around here..

We let ours freeze for about four hours...

Peel the dixie cup off to reveal your delicious fudgsicle pop...


And that was it! Easy peasy and delicious with a very nice hazelnut flavour. I think the addition of some chocolate pudding might up the creaminess factor but they were very good as is.

Hope you try it out for yourself, a very nice summer treat for the kiddies (and adults!).

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