Monday, April 1, 2013

Motivation Monday

Monday's posts are supposed to be all about motivating you and me to keep at what you eat, work out everyday. Remember last Monday I said I was going to get back at it after having a bad three days? Well, I didn't. Actually that Monday was good but the rest of the week was not. Spring break, Easter candy, company, dinners out, drinks...all these things added up to a very high calorie and indulgent week. With the three days previous it's more like a week and a half of gorging. Aaaaand I'm up five that is not a typo...for real, FIVE pounds. It's probably water retention from all the salt I took in as well as hormonal so in reality it's probably more like 2-3lbs but still...I hate that I did that. All the hard work previous..and I just threw it away.
BUT, it was fun at the time, have to remember that. The important part is getting back on the horse so to speak. I also have to amp up my workout. My morning 7k walk is good, and would be great for maintaining my weight once I get to where I want to be but in order to really lose weight and get fit I need to work harder.

My plan is to add hiking up Mt Tzouhalem every Saturday to my workout schedule as well as running more. I also think I need to do some strength training. I'm trying to decide if I would be better off getting a gym membership or buying a weight machine. I think the machine might be better. It's harder to put it off when it's right in your house. I know my treadmill gets more work because I just have to walk downstairs.

So how about you? How was your Easter (don't hold anything back!)?

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