Saturday, April 27, 2013

So I went to a bird auction...

Yes, you read the heading of this blog post correctly. I am putting in an outdoor aviary and in my search for the birds I want I came across an ad for an upcoming bird auction. The Vancouver Island Cage Bird Society has an auction every year apparently so this was something I definitely wanted to check out.

The auction was held in the gym of a rec centre about an hour from me so Chris and I packed up the kiddies and headed out amidst the spring drizzle and made a day of it.

I could hear the birds chirping and singing as soon as I opened the main doors of the rec centre so the set up was easy to find. 
I think I was hoping for something a little grander but we poked about to see what was available.

Only three rows of tables holding cages, supplies and birds.

The auctioneer beginning the show. This guy was very nice and friendly to everyone. Ella did ask me why he was talking so fast. ;)

I didn't end up buying anything. There were some Gloster canaries there that I would have liked but they were going for a fairly good price. I tried to get some pics of the birds but they were hoping back and forth and looked a bit blurry. I found this image online so you can see what a Gloster looks like. Original image found here. Isn't he cute with his jaunty little cap? My friend Amanda said "he looks like a Beatle!".

The budgies were going very cheep (sorry, couldn't resist), with two birds and a cage selling for $6! They changed the rules after that and said no birds were to go for less than $5, which is very understandable. 
 Other than the Glosters and Budgies there were a couple of Java Rice finches, a few Society finches, a couple Canaries and not a a whole lot more.
I wish there had been more to see but the people were very nice and we had fun. I highly doubt Chris thought he would be going to bird auctions when he met me but I tell him I'm keeping his life interesting. ;)

Hope you're having a great weekend!


  1. Funny I have said the same think to your father on occasion.

  2. Oh dear, upon reading my comment I see that think and not thing is in my comment. Too bad I do not know how to edit after the fact.
    The picture of the canary looks just like Flintstone (the one who had the nest of little ones on our counter so many years ago). Takes me back.

    1. An easy mistake!
      I think I need another Flintstone. ;)