Saturday, April 20, 2013

My current playlist

 So sorry about no Pinspiration Friday post yesterday but I wanted to share a pic of last week's project, growing away like crazy.

I haven't shared my current playlist in awhile so I thought that would be fun. I've been finding all kinds of new songs that I've been enjoying so without further ado here they are in no particular order:

You Send Me by Caught a Ghost - love this cover of Sam Cooke's original.

Hero by Loma Vista - a nice mellow song that sports a bit of a Simon and Garfunkel feel.

Down the Road by C2C - wonderfully weird, this song has a little bit of everything.

I'm Shakin' by Jack White - a fun remake of Little Willie John's original that you can find here.

New Low by Middle Class Rut - this is an old song but I've been enjoying it.

Mama's Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert - this is a hard hitting country song that has gotten me through some treadmill runs.

Still Into You by Paramore - Another great running song.

What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club - this is another older song but I'm loving it. 

A-Punk by Vampire Weekend - another oldie but goodie.

Just Keep Breathing by We The Kings - kind of an anthem type song, another good one for the treadmill.

Heads Will Roll by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs - another old one but I love it. 

Listening to lots of alternative stuff lately, and quite a bit of older stuff rediscovered thanks to wishing I was attending Coachella the last two weekends and listening to the bands that were playing.

Hope you're having a great weekend, see you tomorrow for Sunday Deals and Steals! 

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