Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The changes in the air...

 So it's not technically fall yet, we are still a couple of weeks from the official day but you can definitely feel the change in the air. It's a little cooler, a little crisper, and while I really enjoyed the hot summer weather I welcome this crispness with open arms. It's Chris's favourite time of year too so everyone is happy.

 I found this little list on Pinterest and thought I would share. Just add fires (indoors and out) and comfort food and that wraps things up quite nicely.

Today's OOTD has a nice fall feel. I was in a bit of a rush to get pictures before Ella left for school this morning so most were blurry and I realized after looking at them that this particular top would really benefit from a necklace. It just looks like it's missing something, so I went back and added one.

Top: DKNY - I just got this one from Costco and I believe it was $22. They fit nice and loose and are cozy. Needs something underneath though for sure as the knit is loose and you can see through the holes. There were lots of colours to choose from.
Camisole: Bootlegger - I love this mustard colour, perfect for fall and excellent for layering.
Jeans: Warehouse One - very old
Flats - Joy and Peace - I got these ones from Shoe Warehouse on clearance so you probably saw them in a previous post.
Bracelet: Hello Berry on Etsy

One last nod to the changing weather is this spider web with the owner sitting right in the middle. The cooler weather always brings out the arachnids, but this particular web amazes me in that it's just sort of sitting there in the middle of nowhere. I can't imagine how long it took to weave. I'm sure when he was done he put his feet up and enjoyed an adult beverage of some kind.

As a last hurrah before Ella went back to school we decided to go away and have some fun over the Labour Day long weekend. We didn't go too far, just stayed with Chris's Mom a few hours away, who also arranged for several other family members to come by for a big family dinner so we had lots of fun catching up.

On our first day we went for a visit to the Greater Vancouver Zoo. I had never been before and Chris hadn't been there since he was a small boy so it was new to us both. We were able to see them feed lions, tigers and giraffes, which was very cool. The zoo itself is quite big and we spent lots of time walking and seeing everything. Ella was sick but a real trooper, and Marshall was great as long as we were moving along.

Such a cutie with his mouth full of goldfish crackers. 

The next day we took a trip to the PNE and Playland where Chris was able to indulge in mini donuts and other gastric treats, and the kiddies were able to see all the different farm animals and go on some rides.

Face painting is always fun.

Chris and I even took an evening out to try our luck at the River Rock Casino , turns out the luck is all not so

We got home at a decent time on Monday so were able to get things in order and all prepared for Ella's return to school. Her first day as a grade one student.....where does the time go?

I am happy to say that she is in the 1-2 split class rather than K-1 as she is such a strong student. I'm incredibly proud of her.

Hope you all had a great long weekend!

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  1. I love LOVE that list! Pretty much sums it up :)