Sunday, September 23, 2012

OOTD for a cause

Today's outfit of the day is casual and helps a cause. MyFight : "is a movement to abolish extreme poverty. You buy t-shirts, we make loans, and together we empower families to escape the prison of poverty". I was happy to buy a t shirt and support this great cause. Just as an FYI if you decide to get one for yourself, they do fit on the small side.

Chris called this the "come at me bro" pose. Seemed appropriate for the shirt. ;)

Jeans: Warehouse One - FYI: I have multiple pairs of jeans from Warehouse One, I don't wear the same ones all the time...haha
Shoes: converse
Bracelets: Wal Mart discount bin

A couple of randoms to fit in with the blog title.....

Have you seen the new Hobbit trailer? It just came out a couple of days ago. Really looking forward to this movie as I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy:

Last nights dinner (no I didn't take this delicious picture, it was taken directly from the website I got the recipe from):
This recipe was extremely easy and really tasty. I made it with jasmine rice because it's a favourite of mine and smells so good.

And today's quote to close this appropriate one for the My Fight cause:

We're off for a family hike, pictures in the next post. Happy Weekend!

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