Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Skinny jeans ( ??!! ) OOTD

 Today I wore skinny jeans. Yes, you heard that right. I have never worn skinny jeans in my life but I love them on other people, mostly models...
There are two reasons I haven't worn skinny jeans: 1. I'm not skinny, and when I was skinny, the darn jeans weren't around. 2. Chris isn't really a skinny jeans fan.
Now the jeans are everywhere and I love them, but I just don't know if this sweet "mother of two children body" is ready to handle them. Today was the trial run....opinions (gentle ones!) are welcome. What do you think....yay or nay?

With the accessories I wore running errands today:

A close up of the bag(to me it has a bit of an equestrian feel...the detail kind of reminds me of a horse bit):

Close up of the shoes:

Close up of the detail on the shirt:

 Simple hair today pinned back off my face and close up of my big sunnies:

Top: Cynthia Rowley (Winners)
Tank: Bootlegger
SKINNY jeans: d.jeans (Winners) very budget friendly at just $20
Flats: G21 (Wal Mart) also very budget friendly at $19
Bag: can't remember the brand and it's no where on the bag but it's from Winners
Bracelets: Wal Mart discount bin
Sunglasses: Nine West (The Bay)

I'm feeling very motivated to get the weight off and would love for you to join me on the ride via this blog. Support of friends is always welcome and accountability is a powerful motivator, this blog has both, so lets do it!


  1. I love the shoes! : ) I might have to venture into that dreaded place! haha.

    1. Lol..you will! They come in beige too and are quite comfy. I love the button detail.

  2. I actually think they make you look skinnier ! Believe it or not, hehe.
    I think you look great.