Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cute kids and a painful toe

 Good morning! Quick OOTD for today. There is no way to sugar coat it....I'm feeling fat today. Trying to win the battle of the bulge with the right clothes since I can't shave off 5-10(40??!)lbs before I head out the door.
My hair is just up in a messy bun because although I washed and blow dried it last night it still looked funky this morning and I didn't have time to put a huge amount of effort in before I took Ella to school. I do have make up on though. ;)

Sweater: DKNY- I posted some pics of this one a few OOTD's back. I got it for $22 at Costco and they are still there. I still have to stick with my original comments about DKNY though...they lose their shape! Something to keep in mind.
Camisole: Bootlegger - last time I was there it was buy one get one half off, although my sister tells me they are always like that.
Jeans: Warehouse One
Flats: Leopard print from Roxy - these ones I got from Shoe Warehouse
Necklace: G21 from Wal Mart

 So a little story about my toe....I love the above flats but only wore them for pictures this morning because I managed to smash my baby toe so badly on the stair railing yesterday that I split the end open really bad and it bled everywhere. Today it's swollen and very sore so I'm actually in flip flops because I can't bare to put my toe in a shoe. Lesson to take home?? Don't be dancing silly to entertain your two year old when there are stair railings near by. Especially since he will think it's part of the game when you stub your toe, and will laugh at you while you are writhing on the floor in pain and trying to hold back the tears.

How cute are these two playing with their dress up sunglasses? I just love them....every adorable little molecule...

Ella had her first voice lesson yesterday and her teacher said she did really well and had great pitch. She said some people have it and some don't, and my little Ella does. It was very cute to hear her singing in the room when I came back to pick her up.

Another gorgeous day here today, hope you're enjoying the same!


  1. Mariah, you may be feeling fat but I think you look great. It was really awesome to see you last week :)
    The bootlegger camisoles are awesome, I must have a dozen of them.
    I also think Ella has a beautiful voice. The video you sent of her teaching Marshall to say supercallafraglistic......, when she sang it at the end I commented to Josh that she has a really nice voice. I was impressed for someone so young :)


    1. Aww....you are so sweet Jasmine, thank you. It was great to see you too, wish the visit would have been longer, but I'll be waiting for the next one. :)
      Ella loved the lesson so hopefully it's something she keeps up.

  2. haha! I can totally see the carnage as Marshall laughs away! Poor Girl ... hope you feel better soon : )

    1. I limped yesterday but today has been good in flip flops and I don't feel like protecting my toe at all costs when people walk by me, so I'm hoping I'll be good enough for shoes tomorrow. ;)

    2. Split open and bled everywhere!?? Oh no!
      Hope you're all healed now... wouldn't want those cute leopard print shoes to go to waste :P