Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OOTD and dieting

So today is day three of a change in eating habits. I've been doing pretty well overall, although my dinner last night was a little carb heavy. I do find that a little extra carbs keeps me full much longer so there was no snacking after dinner. I did eat healthy, good for you carbs though in the form of black beans and sweet potatoes, lots of good fiber there. I definitely have to fight hard not to eat in the evening. I think it's partly because I tend to be a night owl by nature and usually go to bed between 11-12. It's hard to have dinner at 6 and then not eat again when you go to bed so late. I didn't feel hungry last night though and stuck with water (yay me!).

Today's outfit of the day is pretty relaxed (let's face it...most of my outfits are pretty relaxed because I don't go to work in an office everyday).

T-shirt: Old Navy from a couple of years ago
Camisole: Bootlegger
Jeans: Warehouse One
Shoes: Converse
Bracelet: Hello Berry
Polish: Foxy from Revlon

I'm trying to be good tonight with my eating and honestly I'm struggling with getting a pizza instead of putting dinner together because Ella has a ballet class that goes late. This is strictly a battle of convenience because I would rather eat something at home that is both cheaper and better for me. Pizza isn't a huge draw me for, I could go either way. Cake on the other hand......

Ok, I have to be strong. We are just going to have to eat a little later, pizza is not an option. There! Mind is made up! Phew...I think I just dodged a bullet....

Today's quote is from good old Honest Abe...and it applies to every one of us:

Happy hump day!


  1. Hi again!
    I also notice that you struggle with food. I have two tips for you. Plan your meals on Sunday and don't keep crap in the house. It'll make eating at home easier because you can see that you have enough nutrition in your meals daily and it will make your family be forced to make healthier choices. I don't like cheat meals or days because I view it as a day that people use to make unhealthy choices and usually eat back their calorie deficit that they created throughout the week. Lots of water also helps curb hunger as well as protein with every meal. Don't eat 2 or 3 big meals and let your body starve, eat 6 small meals daily, every two to three hours will keep your metabolism going like a machine!