Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer is officially here!

 I know, summer officially started nearly a week ago now but today it feels real. Not only have we had more than one day of gorgeous weather in a row but today was Ella's last day of kindergarten, and all the after school lessons and clubs are done until the fall. It feels very freeing to be schedule free and I am REALLY looking forward to our summer trips, we have many fun adventures planned. :)

Speaking of Ella, here is a picture of her with her 1st place ribbon in running at her school Sports Day. She has had great(and fast!) running form pretty much since she was up on her feet, and she could always go for a long time on our walks too. Even when she was only two she would run along beside me when I would take the dogs out running and never tire. I can see marathons in her future. :)

I tried yet another recipe from last night and seriously, this website has yet to let me down. Every single dish I have made so far has been a hit, and this one was no exception. Cajun Chicken Pasta was a hit for everyone, although Marshall did pick out the veggies of course(I'm going to have to wrap the veggies in chocolate at this rate :S).

Here are a couple of new songs for you. :)

I am very excited to be doing a GIVEAWAY with my next post so stay tuned!!


  1. I totally like that Katy Perry song, the Hedley one sounds pretty dirty though ;)
    A giveaway you say?????? Give some details!

    1. Just posted all the info about the giveaway so be sure to enter. :) I have a couple new songs for you coming up in the next post.