Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Random Wednesday thoughts and updates

I'll start with a random photo I took while stopped at a stop light. Isn't is amazing where flowers can grow? California poppies are so beautiful and dang...they can grow anywhere. The pioneers of the plant land.

Here's a partially updated pic of our bedroom. Nothing on the walls yet and it's still not quite done but I wanted to show you how awesome the colour looks. I probably should have used my regular camera instead of my phone...probably would have showcased it a little better but I can assure you, it looks awesome. The colour is Granite Grey and I think it might be from BEHR, but I'm not 100% certain.

There were some really great deals at our local grocery store this week(if you are from the area I hope you got into Thrifty Food for dollar daze!) with many things being offered for just a dollar(strawberries, cucumbers, cans of tuna, avocados and a ton more..we took full advantage in this house) and one of those things was African Violet plants. I bought four for only $4 and now have them lining my window. So pretty and such a great deal. I know they can be a little finicky so we'll see how things go, but in the meantime I get a great pop of colour.

Shoe Warehouse is having some good sales right now with buy one get the second at half off if you are in the clearance section or $5-$25 off in the rest of the store. I found these ones in the clearance section and I love them. This picture doesn't show them that well, they have great gold stud detailing and are quite a bit higher than they look here. They are super comfy and only $35. I wasn't able to take advantage of the buy one get one half off because as I've stated before shopping with a little boy means you're on a time limit. The good thing though is they keep your receipt in the computer and as long as they promo is going on I can always go back and get the second pair. Of course I think the promo is supposed to be ending anytime so I probably won't get back. Ah well, loving these ones and that's enough. :)

I tried a little something different in the bracelet department, this is a double half chain slip on bracelet in coral. These ones can come in just about any colour you can think of. Thoughts?

Absolutely glorious day here today so I'm going to head out and enjoy it. Ciao!


  1. Bedroom looks great! Shoes are awesome! Love the new bracelet! :P