Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

As you probably remember from previous posts, in our house we do extended celebrations(your birthday becomes birthday week for example) so Father's Day for us is actually Father's Day weekend and is turned into two days instead of just the one.
 First on the list is getting to sleep in on both Sat and Sun, and then being woken up by a sweet little boy who brings his blankies to bed with you and snuggles up into your back while quietly saying "night night". It's moments like that, they melt your heart. :)

Next on the list is to try out a new restaurant thats been on your list, so off we went to Victoria.

What a good Daddy. :)

More specifically we went to 1325 Blanshard St in Victoria to check out Pig BBQ Joint. I have read good reviews about this place online. If you haven't been to the website before you should check out Urbanspoon, it's a great place to read reviews etc on restaurants, as well as to get an idea of the atmosphere and price.

Chris loves a good BBQ place so Pig was definitely on the menu for Father's Day.

It was a small/medium sized place where you go up to the counter to order and when they call your number then you go and pick it up. The menu was fairly basic, but definitely covered all the basics(pulled pork, ribs, cornbread, beans, fried chicken etc..). I did see a couple of extras on the menu like lamb and chicken and waffles that I'm sure means we'll be going back to try them too.

Chris ordered the ribs and was very impressed with how many you got, about a rack and a half for $18, and he said the flavour was very good...more vinegary than sweet.

I had the pulled pork sandwich with a piece of cornbread. The sandwich was very good, nice and moist and the slaw was yummy, adding some nice crunch. The cornbread was also nice and moist but I would have preferred it sweeter(just my own personal preference).

The kids had some fried chicken which they seemed to like and Marshall was all over the cornbread, kid loves his bread.

After a quick trip to Costco where the line up for gas was IN-sane(gas is 111.9 a liter and people were lined up all around the parking lot. There was even an employee out directing traffic) we went to COBS Bread where they have the most delicious freshly baked cinnamon buns. They are always nice and soft and sooooo yummy. As you can see from the photo the weather was pretty dismal.


For Father's Day I got an indoor grill with a panini press for my husband but we will all enjoy it of course. I'm really looking forward to being able to quickly grill vegetables and things like that for lunch.

The first use of the grill was to make panini's for dinner. First I grilled the asparagus and then I put together the paninis and grilled them too. These ones had the asparagus, garlic mayo(one minced clove of garlic mixed with two Tbls of mayo), prosciutto, and swiss cheese. They were REALLY good. I think the grill was a great investment and will get a lot of use in this house.

After this very indulging and decadent day I headed out for a blistering one hour power walk at 9pm. Thank goodness for summer days and light until 10!

I told you in the last post that Wal Mart has Revlon polish on sale right now for 3.96, which is over a dollar savings on their already cheap price...I think they are usually 4.98.
I picked up three new colours, from left to right: 092 Blue Lagoon(love this colour, it's Tiffany blue), 441 Radiant(makes a great glitter topcoat) and 85 Minted(exactly what is says, gorgeous mint green colour).

This is two coats of Blue Lagoon with one coat of Radiant on top. The staying power of this polish has really impressed me, still gets two thumbs up for sure, now go buy some before the sale is over! 

Today is actually Father's Day(although our day two of the weekend), so Chris is enjoying a sleep in before his pancake and sausage(by request) breakfast and then we'll all enjoy the rest of our lazy Sunday. Hope you are enjoying your Fathers Day as much as we are. :)

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  1. What a cutie little Marshmellow is :) Love those nailpolishes - will have to check out that sale! And ... cinnamon bun? Yes please! :)