Friday, June 8, 2012

Being a loser

 Ok, I have to start this entry off with this little piece of news....I am down 8, that's EIGHT lbs, and I'm thrilled!! It is currently dumping rain outside and it has been for the last few days off and on so I haven't had much chance to get outdoor exercise. This weight loss is strictly from diet and using the Nike Training Camp app on my iPhone(I am so sore under my arms right now...those planks are a killer!). So I'm down 8lbs of my 60lb loss goal, that's 52lbs to go. I try not to focus on how far I have to go, instead I'm focusing on how far I've come. Feeling very motivated today...nothing like seeing results. :)

Last night for dinner we had steak grilled on the BBQ and not one, but TWO salads. I healthy are we?? The first was a beet and carrot salad that came from..yep, you guessed it... Skinnytaste. I'm totally addicted to that site. The recipes are fairly easy, delicious and best of all low calorie. Here's the recipe for the Red Beet Salad. Beets are so yummy, the only drawback of course is the stain factor, I recommend gloves.

Green romaine salad and beet salad..yum!

I've been planning out my week's meals very carefully as well as being very aware of snacking and that's helping me a lot. I have found for myself the worst thing I can do is tell myself I'm not allowed to eat something or be too diligent about calorie counting. If I do that I become obsessive and it's all I can think about, and then it becomes what I really want(cake? chips? NEED!). I just try to be very aware, but tell myself that if I really want it I can have it, nothing is forbidden, than it's like my body relaxes and thinks "it's always there if I want it". Another thing that happens if I tell myself something is forbidden is if I fail to resist and give in than I pretty much just say f*** it, the diet's ruined and I may as well eat the whole bag of chips and I gorge. Then I hate myself for doing that, plus I feel sick and it's just a bad scene. I have been feeling so much better these days that I don't even want to have anything yucky or processed for fear I'll feel all dragged down and blah. Of course having said that I did have a cupcake at Ella's school fun fair last night because I was starving which leads me to another point...never let yourself get to the point where you are starving! Have a back up plan. I'm good about packing snacks for the kids, but not good about packing anything for me when hunger strikes.That of course means a quick drive through trip to Tim Hortons for coffee and timbits...or a bagel...I don't know which is worse, but neither is good. :S If I pack myself a little something like an apple or banana that is just enough to stop me from making a bad decision based on my rumbling stomach. So that's my weight loss update for now. I'll continue to let you know about the recipes I try out and the hits and misses(so far we've had nothing but hits!).

I made up a couple of new jewelry pieces and so thought I would include some pics here. They will be on Etsy shortly.

And last but not least(you know I love my tunes) I have some new music for you. :)

Scream by Usher....sooooo stuck in my head yesterday:

Paris Carney -Let me in Again. This is a great little song but I couldn't find a YouTube link for it. I do recommend you check it out on iTunes though. It's sort of folksy.

Current Swell - Cursed  great song with really good guitar playing.

                              K'naan - Mecca  this song is from the upcoming movie Cosmopolis

                                                            Emeli Sandé - Next To Me

                                                             Emeli Sandé - Wonder

I see some sun!! I'm out!

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  1. I LOVE beets in any form! That salad looks great! :)