Saturday, June 16, 2012

Product reviews to come, but first...we eat!

I have been cooking some really great meals lately, so good in fact that Marshall is even eating them. That either means he likes them or the more likely reason is he's finally given up and decided to join us at dinner. You can only eat bananas and peanut butter sandwiches for so long. This next meal in particular was a big hit for him. Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp served over jasmine rice(I'm such a big fan of jasmine rice). What's not to like?? I know..the curry right? I was thinking the same thing, these are little kids eating along with the adults after all and while my sweet adventurous Ella will try anything once(or twice or three times..) I really have to be careful not to turn Marshall off of something or he won't even look at it a second time. Instead of the red curry paste that it calls for(which is a very hot curry) I opted for yellow curry paste instead and cut the amount to a little more than half. The coconut milk is very good for mellowing out spiciness but I didn't want to take any chances. In the end I could have used the entire amount the recipe called for as the curry flavour was very subtle, but it still turned out delicious.

Hard to believe this recipe is on the lower calorie end as it just tastes so good and seems decadent. The only thing that could really up the calories is the coconut milk but using the lite coconut milk keeps it low.

I finally managed to budge another pound for a nine pound total loss, which makes me so happy! I am almost at my first 10lb goal. 
 I have actually gone down in clothing sizes too. In the picture below you can see the super cute stretchy denim shorts I am wearing, which I loved but after wearing them around the house for an hour they were falling off my butt and had to be returned. A bittersweet moment...smaller size but when it comes to shopping at Winners you often can't get something you like in a different size(which was the case with the shorts). That's part of the thrill of shopping there of course...the find!

Of course when I  returned them I had to do a little browse and came home with my first pair of skinny jeans, coloured skinnies no less! I was a big step for me, but I love them. Will post a pic in my next post.

Product reviews to come in the next post. I did go out and get a few other Revlon polishes and I am still really happy with them. A heads up for those of you who might like to try them out, Wal Mart has them on sale right now for $3.96, a great deal and they have a pretty good colour selection.


  1. Knee length denim shorts are hard to find! Bummer they didn't work out :( I love, love, LOVE your hair colour! Nice and summery :)

  2. They ARE hard to find and I was bummed they were too big. :( I love my hair too. :)