Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Saturday

 It's been a slower day today and I'm not really sure why....perhaps because I slept in this morning? Usually on a day were I sleep in I don't go any later than nine at the maximum but today I opened my eyes at 9:45 and I didn't even go to bed that late last night. I obviously had some kind of sleep debt going on and needed it. I did feel refreshed though, so refreshed in fact that I had Ella take a picture of me. :) 
 Still really loving my new hair colour and decided to rock it with some soft curls today. I also love this new Calvin Klein top I got courtesy of Costco. You can't really see it in the picture but it's a great colour for spring and doesn't fit too tight which is just what I like during my weight loss journey. :P It was a good price at just $16.99.

 I finally used one of the darker polishes I got at the Shoppers Drug Mart Glam night awhile back. The weather has been back and forth lately and yesterday was kind of dreary so it called for a grey polish. This one is called Miss Grey and it's made by Gosh Cosmetics. I couldn't find the exact colour on their website and I think when I bought it I got it from the discount section, so it's probably discontinued. It's a very fall/winter colour so it wouldn't surprise me. I like it though and I'm happy with the polish itself, good coverage and an ok brush.

 Another product I wanted to share with you is a hand cream I found at Wal Mart. Between kids and dogs and life in general I am constantly washing my hands and I wanted something that was fast absorbing, effective in combating the dryness in my hands on and on my elbows and was also small enough to fit in my bag so I can take it with me. The one I found was Kaloderma Anti Age Hand Serum. Aging shows up quickly in your hands so it's very important to remember to take good care of them and moisturize regularly. I haven't had anything by Kaloderma before, but I tried a bit on my hand in the store along with a few others and was very impressed. I continue to be impressed at home too. It's very fast absorbing which I love as I don't want it to be rubbing off on my clothes, kids, hair etc... The smell is ok, reminds me of Aveeno, so if you like that scent you will like this a lot. 

 I tried to find this exact product on the Kaloderma site so I could link it for you but for whatever reason it wasn't there, although the two other hand creams I saw when I purchased it were Kaloderma - Hand Care. Might have to look into that as I really like this product and hope it isn't going anywhere(like my Tetley hoo).

Only four "likes" short of 100 on the EllaMarsh FB page. Thanks so much every one! :)


  1. Looks like someone has been enjoying a little retail therapy :)