Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun updo

 I've been trying out some new hairstyles recently and one(of many) that I like is this cute and very easy one which you may have seen me upload to Instagram(@mariah0882)/Twitter(Mariah Dupuy).

For this great little summer 'do all you need to do is section a large portion of the front of your hair out and clip the rest up in a big jaw clip(or whatever you use to quickly put it up). Once you've done this you just french braid your hair across the front and down the side and attach with a small elastic. Next, lightly backcomb the crown of your hair to get a bit of lift and gently brush over it so everything looks smooth. Then take your hair to the side and twist into a low chignon and secure with a small jaw clip. A few hairpins would work as well and if you have really fine hair(which I do not) than you may be able to get away with bobby pins. This is a great style for day two or three(which is what I'm on) hair when you want to get it up and off your face. Easy peasy and so cute!

I'm wearing a new lip colour in the picture from Revlon. It's their Lip Butter lipstick in Berry Smoothie and I just love this colour. Lately I've either been wearing this or Loreal's Colour Riche lipstick in Peach Fuzz, both great summer colours.  I kept my eye make up really simple with black liner and mascara and I'm wearing a new blush that I was trying for the first time from Wet n Wild called Mellow Wine(COLOR ICON™ BLUSHER). I have heard good things about Wet n Wild products and I do have an eye make up palette by them. I've been happy with the few things I have from them, all very highly pigmented which is nice to find in a really cost effective drugstore product(seriously...I don't think any of their products are above $5). I did have to blend the blush a little with my pressed powder as a little really does go a long way with this stuff and it really did look like I had just had a glass of wine(am I the only who who flushes so easily when drinking alcohol??). It turned out well though and I'm happy with the product and would buy it again.
The foundation I use is MAC Studio Sculpt(LOVE this foundation), and the pressed powder and concealer are from MAC as well and the bronzer is Rimmel.

It has finally stopped raining here, hope you're getting more sunshine than me wherever you are!


  1. Love the updo! Now I just need to work on my french braiding skills

    1. Braids are so fun, all it takes is just a little bit of practice. :)