Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart gala and the Centennial Shuffle

 I just realized as I uploaded pictures for this post that I didn't take any when I went to the Shoppers Drug Mart - Look Good, Feel Good Gala. Darn, sorry about that. :S I went with my friend Dana and we had a good time. I was the first one to have my name called to win a door prize and picked the big purple Marc Jacobs tote(will make a great beach bag) that was filled with fun goodies. Lots of skin care stuff, some lipgloss, make up bags, perfume sample etc... I never win anything so totally unexpected and awesome! :)
 The Gala was fun, not a ton of people there but they had music, make overs and a local lady doing hand and foot massages as well as some make up specials. I was pretty well behaved overall(haha) and kept my purchases to a minimum...a few polishes that were on sale, a couple of eye liners, a Travelo refillable perfume atomizer( - so cool) and some brow powder. I would definitely do it again. It's fun to get out and play with make up. :)
 Today we went to the Duncan Centennial Shuffle that was held in downtown Duncan. As the name suggests this year is Duncan's 100th anniversary and there are a few things this year being done in celebration. Today was the 2km or 5km race, we did the 2km..Ella is only five years old after all. I was expecting to walk it(didn't even put on a sports bra), but once we were there and with everyone encouraging along the way, Ella just wanted to run. And run she did, just about the whole way. I was very impressed. The weather was absolutely gorgeous today which made the run much more fun and it started and ended at the Centennial Park which was great for the kiddies.

After the race we met up with my Aunt Sheilagh and headed to The Doghouse restaurant for some "breakfast for lunch". The Doghouse has great breakfasts(real hashbrowns..not the yucky deep fried kind) and is very kid friendly. After lunch we headed back to the house to visit some more and play in yard/enjoy the deck. Other than feeling a little under the weather this afternoon/evening it was a great day.

 The hummingbirds are showing up like crazy, going through a feeder full of sugar water everyday and as more birds show up I suspect we will be going through more. I love having them around though, and will probably be putting up another feeder.

 Hoping for more great sun tomorrow! 

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  1. I can't believe she ran nearly the entire way! I love your comment "I didn't even put on a sports bra" Funny :)