Monday, May 28, 2012

A new product and a fun weekend

 I'm starting with a new mascara I got from Sephora this weekend because I really like it. I had been hearing good things about this particular mascara so decided to give it a try even though the price point is on the higher side. I usually use one of the different versions of Cover Girls Lash Blast. I like a big fat brush that delivers quite a bit of product as I don't have a lot of lashes on my own. I took some test photos to show you the difference between my lashes with no mascara and with this new Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara . I like how the brush is designed(there is a close up of it in the link) with the spiky ball on the end.

I can see quite a difference, what do you think?

One side

 One side

Both sides

I also got a Beauty Blender sponge which is supposed to be amazing for doing your foundation. I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I will post about it in the next couple of days and let you know what I think.

The weekend started with painting our master bedroom. I was really excited to do this as we had picked out and bought the paint when we moved to this place in September and with all the things going on and keeping us busy we just never seemed to get it done.

Prepping walls, such a happy guy. :)

I'm just giving you a little tease of the colour because I want to show you the full on finished look once the trim is up and the bedroom is back together. The colour we used was Granite Grey and it looks amazing! The perfect grey and exactly what I wanted. Quite a change from the hospital white that was in there before.

 On Sunday we made a trip into Victoria to take the kids to Beacon Hill Children's Farm . We had taken Ella a couple of times before, but this was Marshall's first time. He had fun running around and touching everything(I was continually washing his water...ewwwww!), but he isn't as in to the animals as Ella is.

There were peacocks everywhere and the males were really putting on a show for the girls. You could hardly turn around without seeing another one like this:

So beautiful!

And last but not least a parting shot of my girl and I. Love her so much. :)


  1. So it's been brought to my attention oh so sweetly that I've been neglecting this blog ;) So here's two posts in one night, how about that??? :)
    That mascara looks great! I love that it's says 'They're Real!' across the box. Funny :)
    Love the bedroom colour!

    1. Haha...funny girl. Glad to have you back. ;)