Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Amanda!

 We had such a wonderful long weekend here. It started with a day of shopping in Nanaimo with one sister and ended with a trip to my brother's Coastal Black Estate Winery to celebrate the birthday of another. 

My sweet Amanda, always so supportive of me and an avid reader of this blog, huge Birthday wishes to you my girl. I love ya! :)

 We enjoyed some pizzas made in the brick oven at the winery. They turned out very yummy and with most of the family there(miss you Jasmine and Josh!) they didn't last long. Add to that a delicious salad, wine and home made coconut cake(baked by Mom) and it made for a really enjoyable afternoon.

 The winery is expanding all the time, and just recently put in a huge new patio around the brick oven and are in the middle stages of big new reception building. Pretty soon there won't be anything you can't do there. 

  Today brought another trip to the airport to ship a dog(yay Westjet!), and afterwards I decided to take the kiddies for a "breakfast for lunch" at White Spot. I had two eggs with my breakfast and had stomach pains until late this evening. That was the worst it's ever been and I think I can safely say they are off my list to eat anymore, definitely have an allergy going on! It's really too bad as I like eggs and they made such a quick, easy and protein packed meal. I guess I will just have to find something different.

 I'm feeling really fired up and ready to shed some pounds(don't look at that picture above of me eating pizza..haha) and did a good grocery shop today with that in mind. I look forward to posting some "after" pics in a few months! :)

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  1. I made it into the blog????! I'm honoured :)
    Had a wonderful time celebrating with you!