Saturday, May 12, 2012

A little bit of everything

 I've gotten a little behind on posting here but I have had quite a lot going on so there is stuff to talk about. :)
 Ella's class went on a field trip to a local dairy farm so I went along with Marshall to help out with the kids. It was a fun trip and interesting for the kids. The farm was absolutely gorgeous, nestled at the base of Mt Prevost the views were amazing. Apparently the farm is over one hundred years old and if you could call a dairy farm quaint than that would describe this one. 

 I had to have a shower as soon as I got home though to get the cow barn smell out of my hair. I'm glad I don't have to work in that everyday(anyday!).

 Speaking of hair... I had been on a bit of a mission to find hot steam rollers and finally had success at London Drugs. I had been able to find hot rollers, but not ones that used steam. I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but I will let you know how they work in an upcoming post. They are supposed to make your hair less flyaway and shinier than the regular hot rollers.

  This is how we ended the day on Thursday....after dinner and a bath the kiddies got into their pajamas and we had an impromptu trip to Dairy Queen.

The weather has been so outstanding the last few days(today we got up to the high mid 20's!) and with work being a little slow Chris took Friday off and I kept Ella home from school so we could have a fun trip to Victoria. Our first stop was Chapters where I picked up this book:

And of course found more that I wanted but they will have to come by mail order as it's just SO much cheaper that way. Chapters is great for ordering online, delivery is really quick and if you order over $25(easy!!) the shipping is free. The books are also much cheaper than they are in the store.
 You could really feel the summer vibe in Victoria, lots of people in shorts and t-shirts and well, lots of people period, all out walking the streets. The panhandlers were out in full force(good to see Darth Vader back playing his fiddle), along with lots of horse drawn carriage rides, and everyone eating outside at all the restaurants.
 We had lunch at Cafe Mexico(more about it in this post: Two days in one) since it was a hit with the kids last time and it went over well again. I had a burrito, a big burrito that I couldn't finish and had to take home. I gave it a good try though, it was so darn good.

 Today was yet another gorgeous day. Everyone(including Marshall!) had a nice sleep in and then after a relaxed morning I headed over to the Tyee Kennel Club dog show( Tyee Kennel Club )to watch a couple of dogs I bred who were in the show, and actually even ended up showing one of them. They have done well so far this weekend, and hopefully continue the winning tomorrow.
 I have been really cutting back on the amount of dog shows I have been going to as I have just gotten so busy with the kids that I don't really have the time, or quite frankly the same drive to go anymore. I still enjoy seeing my dogs win though and I have some great puppy owners and they are always fun to catch up with.
 When I came home from the dog show Chris had made an AMAZING dinner of Greek food and we all fully indulged(I'm still full!). It was the all in the theme of Mother's Day weekend. We always do quite extended celebrations around here....instead of a BirthDAY, we do a Birthday WEEK, and Mother's Day becomes Mother's Day weekend etc... If you don't already do this yourself I highly recommend it, it's the best! :)
 Looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. I'm thinking it might involve a pretty yummy breakfast...... I'll keep you posted. ;)

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  1. 100 years old?!? I didn't realize much of anything on the Island is 100 years old. I'm sure that farm was neat to experience :)
    I love that you stretch celebrations out! Note to self, follow in Mariah's footsteps ;)