Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

 I have the BEST family and they treat me so well. I'm a very lucky woman. :) I was treated to a lovely Mothers Day breakfast prepared by Chris and Ella(she wouldn't let me forget that she stirred the waffle batter ;) ).

 Chris always cooks for an army, so there is tons of food. No one goes hungry at our table!

Ella flashing her peace signs that the girls at the dog show taught her the day before. This year the Tyee Kennel Club had a 70's theme and they sported some great outfits. I wish I had brought my camera!

The man himself! I love you so much....xoxo!

 I also got some lovely flowers and a beautiful hanging basket(I'll include a photo with my next post). Ella choose all the flowers. :)

 The weather over the weekend was fabulous and I broke out the shorts for the first time this year. My legs were a little on the white side but the only way to get colour is to expose them right? ;)
 We had a lazy afternoon playing cards on the deck while Ella coloured alongside, jumped on the trampoline and watered the flowers(rocks, lawn, sky....whatever... ;) ).

 I also thought I would include this picture from the show of one of the dogs I bred taking a nice win over the weekend.

 Today I am back to the grind. It's another lovely day and I intend to get back to the running by strapping Marshall into the stroller and going. I'll let you know how that plays out. I was very dismayed  stepping on the scale last night all full of my overindulging weekend(and a little before that, I'm not going to lie). It's time to rein myself in a little. Chris and I have been talking seriously about making a trip to France and I would prefer to go fit rather than fat. 

 Ok, gotta run and throw laundry in the washer, make a few phone calls and then I'm out the door! Enjoy the sun!


  1. Keep at it Mariah, you are looking great. France eh...when?

    1. Thanks! And France? How about ASAP! lol. Probably in the spring though.

  2. France?! How wonderful would that be! Just you and Chris or the whole family???

    PS Talk about spoiled for Mothers Day! You very much deserve it :)