Thursday, May 31, 2012

Product review and other things

 I mentioned in a previous post that I had picked up a beautyblender sponge from Sephora and that I would be reviewing it once I had a chance to use it a few times. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say, this sponge is A-mazing. Chris even came home from work and said to me "you look all glowy", that is how good it is. You just dampen the sponge with a little water, put a little foundation either on your face or directly on the sponge and stipple(pat) it all over your face. I do a combination of stippling and pulling the  sponge over my face. The large end of the "egg" works all over your face and the small end is great for harder to reach areas like the spots around your nose. This sponge is worth every penny, I won't be using a brush or cheap wedge sponge ever again. It gets two thumbs up from me. :) Here is a direct link to it's page on Sephora: beautyblender

A little update on the They're Real mascara from Benefit I've been using, still loving it and one of the best things about it.... ZERO flaking. That to me is worth it's weight in gold.

I also mentioned in a previous post about a lower calorie potato salad I was going to try and it turned out great! Here's the link: Baby Red Potato Salad 
Instead of having a ton of mayonnaise like regular potato salad would you just use a little low fat mayo, a bit of olive oil, dijon mustard and red wine vinegar. So tasty and way less calories. I always use Chris to gauge the "yummy" factor and he finished it off later in the evening so I would say it passed. ;)

I've almost hit the 6lbs lost mark and I'm feeling amazing! I got out for another hour+ walk with Marshall today, between that and the clean eating(minimal processed food, lots of veggies, large amounts of water all day long) I really do feel so much better. And the best part is I feel encouraged to keep it up.

 I had a long overdue hair appointment last night and am now sporting my full on summer hair, love it! Pictures to come!

I'll leave you with my new favourite running song: HAVANA BROWN - WE RUN THE NIGHT 


  1. That beauty blender seems like a product I could really use! Thanks for the link :)