Friday, May 25, 2012

Eating well

 Working at slimming down is going well so far. I stepped on the scale this morning to a sweet 3lb loss! I'm thrilled with that even though I know it's just water loss. I have been drinking so much water and eating so much watermelon that the rest of my day is pretty much spent going in and out of the bathroom because my back teeth are floating. ;)

I thought I would share this recipe for the meal pictured below. It is Sweet Potato and “Un-Fried” Bean Tacos and they were DELICIOUS. I made a couple of adjustments(more cumin and flour tortillas instead of corn), but pretty much followed the recipe. Ella and Chris both ate them right up and I could have eaten them all day long. Really good, and really healthy too, a win win dinner. :)

 I found another website that I have been pinning(Pinterest) recipes from that look really good. It's Skinnytaste and I think that I will be able to incorporate quite a few of the recipes she posts to our regular meals. I've been trying hard to find some tasty meals that are also low in calories. I will try to post different ones I've tried to this blog. It's always nice to have a guinea pig testing them for you first. 

Ah I've missed you. I think it may be the perfect diet food. It's sweet and delicious, fills you up and you can eat a lot of it without really worrying much. I was glad to see it making it's way back into the grocery stores just in time for me to really be needing it.

I've finishing a couple of books lately. The first one I have mentioned on here a couple of times and that was Bringing Up Bebe. Overall this book was kind of a fun read and there were some things I agree with(parents need parent time away from the kids -they need a life too!, offering as many different kinds of food in different styles and flavours as you can: please, thank you, hello and good bye to everyone, and teaching kids to play on their own - it's ok not to have someone entertaining you), but there was a real degree of coldness in a lot of the parenting style in my opinion. The author talked about  the french mothers taking their kids to the park and then pretty much ignoring them, they don't get involved in their play, most mothers get their babies on formula as fast as they can and they are sending their kids off on week long field trips that are hours away from home at five years of age. There are no little ones crawling into bed with parents if you follow what this author is saying and quite frankly I like that my kids do that. I prefer a warmer, more affectionate style of parenting.

The other book I finished was A Stolen Life: A Memoir: Jaycee Dugard.  This book was about the girl in California who was kidnapped on her way to school at 11 years old and then kept in the her kidnappers back yard for the next 18 years, even giving birth to two of his kids there. It was written by Jaycee herself and honestly, it was horrifying. Her kidnapper was an animal, and I can't believe there are people like that out there, never mind that they can find someone to marry them like this guy did. His wife was fully aware of everything going on. They are both in prison for life now, but as the title of the book says Jaycee will never get her life back. Terrible.....

 Now for something a little lighter.....
 I've been finding some great, very different music lately so had to share. The first is actually not all that different, just someone I hadn't heard of before. Here are a couple samples:
The next is in spanish so I don't even know what she's saying but it's so it! ;)
This is great background kind of music:
An older song from Moby that I really like:
And just to add in something mainstream, I really like this new Sam Roberts song:

Hope you're enjoying the sun, it's gorgeous here! :)


  1. Those taco's look so great!
    I LOVE when you add a playlist to your blog. Miguel and I made breakfast while listening to all the recommended tunes :) I love Favorite Thing and Bebe is sexy! ;)

    1. Oh good! I will for sure continue to include new songs in my posts. Glad you enjoyed them! :)