Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Some Tuesday tunes..

My blogging has been a little bit hit and miss lately, I just haven't felt that inspired. When I do a blog post I want to do it because I feel like talking, not because I have to...otherwise I think it just comes across as forced and that makes for boring reading.

What is not boring however is music and it's a part of my every day life. I try to keep my finger on the pulse so to speak and always feel good when I add new music to my play list. Here are a few new ones I've found:

This weeks iTunes freebie is a good one, but unfortunately I could only find a live version of it. If You Don't Love Me by The Wild Feathers...check it out on iTunes.

Tegan and Sara - I Was A Fool....obsessed! This song is unlike anything they've put out before and I love it!

My sister introduced me to this song and I love it....careful it's an ear worm...it'll get stuck in your head. Glen Morrison - Good Bye

This song isn't new but it's catchy and I like it. Dashboard - Modest Mouse

Want something a little more mainstream? This is a great running song. Lady Gaga - Applause.

And since we're going mainstream how about Katy Perry's new song Roar.

And one more...True Love from Pink

Have you heard anything by Jake Bugg? He's this 19 year old kid from the UK with this sort of alternative folk rock sound...reminds me of Bob Dylan. Here's are a couple of songs I've been enjoying.

Lightning Bolt

Two Fingers

And my brother introduced me to this one...Bruises by Train.

The Headstones are back and released this song a little earlier this year... A Long Way to Neverland.

Another song I'm obsessed with...ear worm! This Is the Best - USS

I went looking back to see when the last time I did a music post was...couldn't find one, so it's been way too long...here are a couple songs I thought I posted already.

Matisyahu - Sunshine

American Authors - Best Day of My Life

That's it! Hope you enjoy. Have a great Tuesday! :)

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