Friday, August 16, 2013

Pinspiration Friday!

I did three projects today which seemed to take all day long by the time I finally finished up...but it was worth it. Actually the first project would have made the whole day worth it. This granola bar recipe is to die for delicious. I could barely keep my gob out of the pan long enough to make dinner and then I couldn't finish my dinner because I ate too many granola bars...what am I five years old?
The taste combination of honey and sesame seeds just makes this bar, and makes it unique too. It's not super sweet but definitely sweet enough, there is lots of chew to it so you get a bit of a jaw workout and it feels hearty. I will most definitely be making this one again. I didn't change anything about the recipe other than using real vanilla rather than vanilla extract, you can find it here.

I keep seeing this pin come up on Pinterest....just a spray of Pam and your nails will be instantly dry. I thought that is just seemed too good to be true and it mostly is.
 I decided to polish my nails while the granola bars were baking, and I didn't do a full on manicure with base and top coat so this is just too coats of colour. I sprayed the Pam on my freshly polished nails, left it for a moment and then wiped it off with a tissue. The very top was kind of dry but you still couldn't press down on the nail at all. This works much like the quick dry drops etc that you can get, so would be useful against a very light tap or brush by, but they are definitely not full on dry.

My last project of the day was this Creamy Dijon and Leek Chicken for dinner. It was very straightforward and I just happened to have dijon whole grain mustard so didn't need two different kinds (dijon and whole grain).

I served it with jasmine rice and a side salad topped with delicious tomatoes from my neighbour Kathleen (thank you SO much!)

This wasn't my favourite recipe but it was good and the kids both gobbled it right up.

You can find the original recipe here.

Hope you enjoyed today's Pinspired post...have a great weekend! :)

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