Monday, August 19, 2013

Motivation Monday

Because Julia Child would have had her birthday just last week (Aug 13th) I thought it fitting to use a quote from her to start today's post.

Passion is key. If you don't feel strongly about something than it's not going to get your best work. For myself personally, and I'm sure for many others too, the hard part is keeping that passion going when things get tough. It can be hard to keep on slogging through when you're wondering if it's really worth it, but one thing I have found and continue to find out is that if you are really passionate about's worth it. The world needs people with passion, people who really believe in what they are doing, it inspires others to move forward with their own dreams too.

Happy Monday to you my friends, I hope today finds you inspired!


  1. Love you have a very special attitude towards life and people and animals.

    1. Awww...thank you Judy, that brought a tear to my eye. :)