Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A few random photos and the winner(s) of the L'oreal giveaway!

It's been very busy for the last week with summer fun, dog shows and unfortunately a dead computer. My iMac packed it in (boo hoo) and I am now working on Chris's PC. It was mostly just for games and things but is working well as the family computer now. I am hoping (pleading) that I can recover the photographs off of my many pictures of the kids....I would cry if I couldn't get them back. :(

But on to happier things!

Ella and I went away to our first dog show together this weekend, just the two of us. While Ella has been to many many dog shows over the years, starting at just four months of age, this is the first time it has been just the two of us, and I loved it. We had so much fun together enjoying early morning Starbucks, fun filled days of visiting friends at the dog show (and some nice wins too - including Ella's debut as a competitive junior resulting in first in her class!) and then back to my sister and her husbands at night to enjoy dinner and a nice glass of wine...well, I had the wine and Ella had "wine". ;)

We even managed to duck down to Nautical Days in Comox for a food truck dinner on Saturday night that consisted of poutine, lemonade and mini donuts...definitely not waist line friendly but boy was it yummy! I wish we had been able to get there a little earlier to check out the vendors (including one of my favs The Naked Squirrel) but they were just packing up as we got there and moving on to music etc..  I will definitely be there earlier next year!

We arrived back home Monday evening and easily slid back into the swing of things here which includes all number of animal chores. I haven't shared a photo of my "chicks" in awhile...look how they have grown! They almost look like chickens now, although they still peep (very cute).

Huge thank you to everyone who entered the L'oreal giveaway last week (many doing multiple entries by sharing on Facebook and pinning to Pinterest)! The winners are:

1st and the winner of both the Voluminous Mascara and the Infalliable Gel Liner is Lantanya T

2nd and winner of the Infalliable Gel Liner is Beth

Thank you again for the entries everyone, there will be more to come so stay tuned!

Please bear with me as I figure out blogging on a PC instead of my iMac. :)