Friday, August 30, 2013

Getting back in the groove

I've been crossing things off my to do list left, right and center. Who knew that pouring rain outside would do that to me.... 
Actually, it's just the change I think. September feels a bit like a New Year with leaving the carefree summer behind and getting ready for schedules, school, and planning everything down to the letter. As the kids get older there is more to do and be involved in which means early mornings, weekly meal planning rather than just stopping by the grocery store when you're out and about and of course as the days get shorter there is less and less daylight to do it in. While this may sound a bit like I'm heading into it kicking and screaming that's actually not the case. I love change and I know this particular change is just what I need to get my eating and exercising back on track too.

I've come across a couple of good articles (thank you Pinterest) to get myself (and you too!) primed to head into the fall ready to get fit.

Do you have Mom posture? You know what I'm talking about...the hunch in your back from breastfeeding, carrying babies around and hunching over your flabby belly so your shirt never gets pulled up too high (tall girl problem right there and yup...guilty)? This is a good article on improving your posture, and it's good for non Moms too!

Are your ready to get back to running? I know that I am. It's the exercise you love to hate but I've really missed it. There is nothing like that feeling when you hit a new milestone and really pushed your way through it. I don't know if it's runners high, but it sure feels damn good. This article has some very good points and tips to get you back track (see what I did there??).

My body is screaming for a change in eating too...more veggies please! I've been feeling tired, bloated and I start breaking out as soon as I get off track. You think I would listen to my body better...especially now that I'm getting to an age where I just can't get away with eating junk anymore...I feel like crap. I will be bringing The Plan back into effect for sure as that's when I felt the best. My main focus will be trying different recipes in line with The Plan...I tend to get stuck doing the same thing because it's easy but hello..boring, and then you don't want to maintain it. There are lots of options so it's time to explore them fully.

How about you? Are you feeling a change coming? What will you be doing to help it along? I think it will be good to do it together, so here's to us and to new adventures! Getting diet and exercise on track is just the beginning....there is lots more to come. :)

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