Thursday, August 15, 2013

Randoms from around the 'net

Let's start with a recipe. I have been following a blog called The Londoner for a long time now and I always enjoy her posts....this girl lives a fabulous life of globetrotting, fancy parties, fabulous clothes and great food. She can also cook, and I've tried several of her recipes and will be trying this one soon (I almost saved it for Pinspiration Friday). It's a super waist line friendly version of fried rice...except it's not fried and it's not rice... check out the recipe here.

Have you seen Ashton Kutcher's teen choice award video? It's been making it's rounds on Facebook etc..and it's well worth the watch. 

Do you know there is a recipe online for making ice? Yep, you heard me. Click here to go to it and read the comments underneath....hi-larious.

Have you seen the trailer for the movie Her? It's about this guy who falls in love with his computer...looks really weird but I kind of want to watch it....

The art of conversation here.

Funny and so true...


A good way to wake up..

So true...

20% off online at Old Navy right now with the code ONSHOP - back to school shopping anyone?

My nightly mantra to Ella...

I love this trout picture.... this blog is called random thoughts for a reason. ;)

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Happy Thursday!!

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