Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Honest Company

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook than you probably know that I put an order in with The Honest Company

The company was founded by Jessica Alba who as an allergy sufferer and new mother was very concerned with the household products she was using day to day. She joined forces with Christopher Gavigan and together they formed The Honest Company. Non toxic and all natural cleaning products, bath and body products, baby products and even vitamins, this company has something for everyone, it's not just for parents.

If you want to learn more about the company you can watch this video:

I have wanted to try the products for quite some time as I really believe in what this company stands for, I think the products are very reasonably priced and I have been trying to slowly switch out the more toxic products in my home. The company however did not ship to Canada (they are based in California), until now. I did a little happy dance when they finally opened it up to us Northeners.

As you can see in the above photo my first order included quite a variety of products. I really wanted to try a broad spectrum of goods in order to get a real feel for the company overall as well as be able to report to you what I thought based on more than one or two things.

I opted to do an essentials bundle which saved considerable money. You choose the five items you want for $35.95, you can also add up to three more products for a 25% savings. Shipping is very reasonable at $5.95, but the bad news? They charge an international fee up front which covers taxes, duties etc..of 25%. In my opinion it's still worth it. The products are shipped via Fedex and arrive very quickly right to your front door, and the products themselves are worth the extra cost and hassle.

Now that I have the nitty gritty details out of the way let's talk about the products. Here is what I ordered and have been using:

Multi Surface Cleaner - this is my go to cleaner now. It has a nice light grapefruit scent and I use it on countertops, tables, floors etc.

Bathroom Cleaner - I love the mint eucalyptus scent, so fresh and not your standard eye watering lemon scented cleaner. I use it on the sinks, tub, shower and toilet seats and it works really well.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner - this is probably my least favourite scent, a combination of tea tree oil and eucalyptus. It isn't horrible though and most importantly it cleans well. It's worth losing the toxic cleaner I usually use.

Those are the three cleaning products I have tried out so far. I have used them all several times so this isn't a one time use review. I wanted to really integrate them into the household routine before passing judgement and reporting to you. Here are a couple of overall thoughts:

1. The spray bottles are well made and have good sprayers but the only options are off or stream. I like the spray option and so have set the nozzle just a little bit away from off in order to make make a wide spray/mist.

2. Normally when I clean my bathrooms I have windows open and fans on and my eyes are still irritated and I can really feel it in my lungs. Not so with these products at all. While I still open windows and turn on fans I doubt I even need to as they don't bother me whatsoever.

Now on to the bath/body products:

Shampoo/Body Wash - this has a nice light scent and foams really well, something I was surprised about as natural shampoos often don't suds at all or very little at least. It cleans hair very well but doesn't feel as slick as regular shampoo and you definitely need to follow with conditioner, which I do anyway. The whole house uses this, even me with my very long hair.

Conditioner - this product is amazing. It gives you the most lovely well conditioned mane and makes up for the slightly drier feel you get from the shampoo. The scent is the same as the shampoo, a light orange vanilla which I really like.

Bubble Bath - I really love this lightly tangerine scented bubble bath. You get lots of bubbles, easily the same as the Johnson and Johnson brand I was using previously and the kiddies smell fresh and clean, no irritated eyes when they come out either. The scent is not a kids only scent and works great for adults too. At first I didn't like the screw lid, having been used to the lid that pops up and you can then squirt but I actually find I use less product with the screw off lid and so have changed my mind.

Body Oil - again, a nice light scent. I like to slather the kiddies when they get out of the bathtub (they love this little routine) and I use it all over myself as well. It's fast absorbing and very moisturizing.

A few notes about The Honest Company overall:

1. I love that everything is scented with essential oils, and not too much. It keeps everything smelling fresh and light but doesn't irritate my eyes and nose (and lungs!)

2. Customer service is excellent. They have the option to live chat online while you are putting together your order and I love that. I was able to have my product and shipping questions answered immediately as I went along.

3. I really love the packaging. It's chic, clean and homey, and looks great on my shelves and in my home.

If you want to sign up for The Honest Company yourself you can use this link here. Full disclosure, it does earn me some credit off of my next order, but I would never falsely report on a product(s) to earn that credit. Whether anyone signs up with the link or not I will still be continuing to order, I really love the product.

So there you have it, my thoughts on The Honest Company. I know a few of you have been waiting for this review so I hope I answered any questions you might have had, if not just pop them in the comments section and I will answer them there.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I will be checkingout the Honest company products, particularly the personal care products. I wanted to tell you about the products I use to clean the bathroom. I use Bon Ami powder for the tub, sink and toilet. It is the best cleaner I have used. I sometimes buy the Method toilet bowl cleaner. I also use the Method antibacterial spray to wipe down the bathroom surfaces. Then I make glass cleaner with vinegar and water. Very inexpensive, non toxic bathroom cleaning. Bon Ami gets an A from the EWG.

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendations Paige, I'll definitely check them out!

  2. I have been LOVING The Honest Life book, really great read. Certainly enjoying the products as well! Thanks again Mariah