Monday, October 21, 2013

Miracle Beach 5K race recap

Yesterday my sister Amanda and I ran the Miracle Beach 5K in Black Creek BC. The race is almost totally flat (only one small hill on our course) so it's a great starter race for beginners or a great speed race for those who are more advanced. I am the former having only ever run one other race, another 5K approx 6 and a half years ago. I have run on my own off and on but this is the first time I have run with a goal in mind, and this race was perfect for that. There is also a 10k, a kids fun run and walkers are more than welcome, they start a half hour before the runners.

Getting ready to go...

I love this pic of everyone ready to hit start on their Garmin's as soon as the horn blows...

Overall the race felt "easy", not as in truly easy, it was still running for goodness sakes, but I ran without music and Amanda and I were able to chat while we ran....two things I normally don't do. We also ran at a good pace. Normally I run at home at about a 7 to 7.30 min/km and this race we both maintained 6.3 min/km which I was both surprised and super happy about. I must be getting better! And it turns out that running with a buddy is a good thing, it distracts you from how long the race is as the kms just felt like they flew by.

Here we are coming down the final stretch and really starting to push it to finish with our best effort...

Which we most definitely time was 33 min on the nose and Amanda was 33.1. Thrilled with that...a PR for me as my last race mentioned above was 35+ min, and this gives me a new time to beat!

Hugs from Marshall...

Water from Ella...

And a husband to take pictures...what a great team I have!

Looking fierce..

Hamming it up...

So glad to be able to run this race with my sister.

Time to stretch it out..

Then it was Ella's turn to run in the 1km kids fun run..

She was a champ, coming in third in a big field of kids. Well done little girl!

We stuck around for awhile afterwards and I won a pie as a door prize which I then took to lunch at Amanda's. I had a gloriously hot shower as soon as I got to her was cold at the race and standing around as long as we did afterwards gave me quite a chill.

 We finished the day by heading to Coastal Black Winery for their awesome Pumpkin Fest. It's new this year and there is still one weekend left to join in if you haven't been by yet. Check out the video on the home page of the Coastal Black link to see what it's all about.

I must admit that the night before race day I was wondering why in the heck I had entered. I mean really...who wants to get up at 6am on a Sunday to drive two and a half hours to run a race? Turns out I do....and I loved it. I'm already looking towards my next race....Cinnamon Bun Run anyone??

I would definitely recommend the Miracle Beach race as one for you to put on your list, the members are helpful and friendly and although I didn't have any of the food because I was heading to my sisters it smelled also happened to be served by Fusilli Grill which is one of my favourite Campbell River restaurants. Speaking of the Grill, they are joining in again next year for the Race's 25th year and will be offering 25% off to out of towner race runners at their restaurant. 
The club is very excited for their 25th race next year and plans are in the works to make it very special..I know I'll be back! :)


  1. Well girl you are the bomb!! You motivate to no end! Thanks my friend!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad to hear it. Motivating others motivates me! :)

  2. Great Job Girl! Sad I couldn't come cheer you guys on. Looks like you didn't need it though! : )

    1. I know you were there in spirit! Hope baby is feeling better today....big hugs from Auntie to him. :)

  3. So proud of my girls!!!

  4. This was SUCH a great first race! So glad to run it with you!