Monday, October 7, 2013

Motivation Monday

This is a good quote to keep in mind and I will admit that in the past held true for me in regards to running. In my vision of my dream self I always saw myself as a know the kind.. tall lean athletes effortlessly eating up the miles...but when I would get out there I looked nothing like an athlete and more like a sweating puffing wheezing lump slowly going down the road in spurts. I would just say to myself that some people are built to run and some aren't and I was the latter. I'm here to tell you now that is not true. Becoming a runner is hard, no doubt about it and it's even harder to become a runner when you're overweight but anyone can run and the more you do the easier it becomes. When I hit a straight run through of 5K with no walking I cried a little. I pushed myself very hard to do that and it was worth every heavy legged ragged breathed step. It was both a mental and physical block for me and I got beyond it. It felt sooooo good.
I'm not quite to my mental goal of the tall lean athlete effortlessly eating up the miles but I'm a whole lot closer than I used to be.

As you may already know I'm signed up to run the Miracle Beach 5K on October 20th and I hope you'll join me. Walkers are welcome as well, it's just getting out there that counts!

Here's a great video from Saucony to keep you motivated this week:

Happy Monday everyone, let's kill it!

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