Thursday, October 24, 2013

Natural beauty product reviews

This is part two of an ongoing series of blog posts about natural and clean beauty products and my efforts to switch out my regular and more toxic products for these ones. You can read the first post here.

I am going to limit my posts to two or three products for each one, here are today's two:

This Reflecting Gloss from Juice Beauty is really nice. It's light, has a nice scent, good colour and isn't sticky (a huge pet peeve of mine…if it's sticky it's out). You do have to reapply it after eating etc..which is just par for the course with a gloss (unless it's also a stain) which I don't mind doing. I have the colour Fig and I really like Pink so would probably order that one too. A con to this product is that there is not a lot of selection as far as colours go. The gloss is $15 which is pretty high in my opinion but you usually do have to pay more for an organic product. Shipping is also a bit high….$6 if you are just ordering this gloss (and live in Canada like I do), but the shipping varies depending on what you order. I did find another site that carries it in Canada, the gloss is two dollars more but shipping is free so it's less expensive in the long run. I have never ordered from this site so have no comments or feedback about it.

The next thing I have been using is this Eye Make Up Remover from Canadian company The Green Beaver. I really like it. There is no scent, it's not oily at all, removes the make up easily and most importantly it doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I don't wear waterproof mascara so I can't testify to how well it works for removal on a product like that but it does say in the write up that it removes it with ease. Price point is a bit high at $16.99, but I know that Thrifty Foods carries it in their health food section and it was about two dollars cheaper. I completely lucked out on my purchase and found it at Winners for $7.99 so shop around, you may get lucky too. 

That's it for this post, but I have lots more to come. If there is a particular product you would like to see reviewed or would like to share with me because you're a big fan than please leave a comment in the section below and let me know.

Happy Thursday! :)


  1. You should check out Nessa's Naturals sometime She makes her own products and mineral make up and does thorough research on the products she uses and the benefits of them. As she is less than a half hour from my home, I started using her products to support a local business and I love them.

    I have used her lotion products, which she was able to make unscented for my husband and I's sensitive skin and we were able to use it with no reactions or issues.

    I also use her Your Canvas Mineral Foundation, Cheek Satins (blushes), eye shadows, and her lipsticks. The foundation, cheek satins, and eye shadows are loose minerals. The prices may seem high to some at first, but they seem to last a lot longer than a blush or shadow purchased at a big box store, plus these are better for your skin. The lipsticks are a new favorite of mine. I usually was a Chapstick girl-but it seemed like the more I used it, the more I needed it--it wasn't really working. I ordered a lipstick and fell in love. They are smooth going on and nice and glossy. They don't feel like you are putting a paste on your lips like some national brand ones.

    She has random sales every now and again as well, which you can see if you follow her on Facebook. She does ship outside the US as well.

    I can't wait to see what other items you review or hear if you try out any of Nessa's items. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much Samantha, I'll definitely check her out!


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