Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Making the switch

 Slowly but surely I am changing out many of my beauty products for more eco friendly and non toxic options. I have used many different brands and types of make up over the years and have often had reactions to the products I have used. Usually mild to moderate and thankfully I have never had a severe reaction to anything, but honestly who wants to be irritated by the make up or beauty product they are using? 
The biggest one for me is usually mascara. I can't tell you how many mascaras I have gone through that have made my eyes water, sting, itch and just generally feel irritated. I have been using Tarte's Lights Camera Action mascara for a couple of months now and I really really like it. It doesn't clump, even with multiple coats, doesn't flake, builds big beautiful lashes and most importantly it doesn't irritate my eyes. This one is a definite winner for me. I purchased mine from Sephora, the link is here. The price point is high but I haven't been able to find anything comparable for a lower price. If you have I would love to hear about it so please share in the comments section.

My current cleanser is this one from Josie Maran, it's her Argan Cleansing Oil and I really like how it works. At first it feels odd to cleanse your face with an oil but once you add water it begins to emulsify and you'll be quite surprised I think with the results. Your skin will feel cleansed, smooth and hydrated. My only complaint with this cleanser is that it does not remove make up (even though it says it does). I much prefer to just wash my face in the shower before I go to bed rather than having to remove my make up prior. It's just an extra step and by the time I'm heading to bed I just want to go to bed. Other than that I love this product.

I intend to talk about and review the products I'm trying out/using as part of a regular posting series so stay tuned for more and if you have any natural and non toxic products you're loving please share, I would love to hear about them.

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