Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wanderlust Wednesday.....

It's the rain.... Whenever it rains a lot (which lets face it...when you live on the west coast of BC it happens frequently) I get this great urge to just get the heck out of here. When I picked Ella up from her last day of school yesterday I asked her what she wanted to do, it was her day, and she answered.. "go to Mexico!"... oh my daughter...if only....I would have driven straight to the airport.

Instead we went for ice cream which was her second choice. ;)

While there are many (many many many!) places I would like travel to and explore, when the weather is dismal like it is now I always dream of hot sandy beaches with lots of sun, swimming, and cocktails during the day that turn into deliciously warm nights where you wear hardly any more clothes than those you wore during the day. You get this great bronzy glow to your skin, and your hair has that lovely I just spent all day at the beach windblown but sexy wavy look, make up is minimal because you don't want anything too heavy when you're spending time in the heat so your freckles show through and you just enhance a little with mascara and lipgloss.

Summer...where are you!?

How do you cope when the rain just won't quit? Please share...I need the help! :)


  1. I live in San Diego and before this I lived in Phoenix.... No rain is common. But, I grew up in ohio where it always is yucky weather. I love to read and watch movies on rainy days. Its few and far between here, so I enjoy it when it happens.

    I hope you get sun soon!

    1. I took the kids out for new crayons, giant colouring books and we rented a movie for later so we are making the most of it. When that sun finally makes an appearance I will be welcoming it with open arms though! ;)