Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday deals and steals and another Plan update

The saga continues. If you read yesterday's post you know I've been having some troubles and I'm trying to deduce just what I ate that hasn't been agreeing with me. The only other thing I ate on the steak day that was new was roasted butternut squash, which I ate again the following day as leftovers on my lunch salad.  It was on last nights menus too and look what cutting it up did to my hands (you can click on the pictures for a close up view):

You can see it here on the tip of every finger/thumb and at the base of my pointer finger (this is the hand that was touching the squash, not the knife hand):

I didn't cut the squash up the last time we had it, Chris was the one to do it. I didn't even realize anything was going on with my hand until I had put the squash in the oven and it felt like my thumb was starting to go numb. I had already washed my hands twice too!

Yes, I did eat it for dinner, perhaps an unwise choice but I really wanted to know if it was going to affect my digestion. Today I was only down .2 of a pound so yes, it did. Other than the squash yesterday nothing new was introduced (in fact the squash wasn't new either but it was new on the day we had steak for the first time), so by the power of elimination that should be the culprit right? Or maybe it was both the steak and the squash? At any rate, I'm not having the leftovers for lunch today.

 Moving on to shopping! :)

I love this beach bag from Forever 21 and it's only $15.80. It's canvas which is hardly and easy clean and the colours are so pretty and summery.

This shirt isn't on sale but I love it and the colours so much I'm including it anyway. From Anthropologie it's $58.

This graphic tee from Old Navy is so soft (love the vintage finish) and pretty and on sale for $15.

I own this denim jacket from Old Navy and quite like it. Now it's on sale (of course) for $30.

This pretty top from Anthropologie is on sale for half the original price at $59.95

Don't forget about the amazing giveaway going on right now on this blog for this necklace (more info here). Or you can buy this necklace (and so many others that I am loving....the feather necklace is my personal favourite) for an amazing 25% off by going to The Naked Squirrel and entering the code Discount25 at checkout. This special sale is only for Random Thoughts readers and is only on for one week (ends June 5th) so don't wait!

It is gloriously sunny here today (finally) and I hope it is where you are too, enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. I cut up squash for baby food and it did the same thing to my hand. I thought i was going crazy! Isn't it weird that happens?

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I really thought it was so strange but apparently it's pretty potent stuff! ;)