Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday randoms from around the net....

Another gorgeous day here and I am loving the sunshine and heat so much that I think I might need to move where it's hot like this all year round.....

But since that's not happening anytime soon I'm just going to enjoy the summer here. Really looking forward to getting away to the beach this weekend. The weather is supposed to stay warm and sunny so it should be just what the doctor ordered.

Now for some randoms...

Have you seen this guy's slick way to get out of an awkward wave? He's got some

Here's a picture of MGM filming their opening credits in 1928. From my online research this lion's name was Jackie and he was the first one to roar, the previous lion (Slats) just looked around.

Wondering how best to put a cheese plate together?
(courtesy of Martha Stewart)

My current favourite song....the perfect summer tune....
Float by Pacific Air

Speaking of summer, dry shampoo is my best friend in the summer and I just started using this one from  Bastiste and I'm loving it. Works wonderfully for soaking up the oil and giving your hair great texture and has a nice light coconut scent. I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Have you seen this slideshow of celebrity lookalikes? Some of them are pretty close:

This is such a good (and easy!) idea:
(found it on Pinterest but the link was broken so can't credit)

And one more song 'cause you know I loves me a good tune:

Gotye - Hearts a Mess
Apparently it's an old song but I didn't hear it until I picked up The Great Gatsby soundtrack, which by the way is AWESOME and you should buy it right away. 

Have a great Thursday!

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