Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Today I'm rocking denim on denim. I'd been looking for a chambray shirt for months now and just couldn't come across one that I really liked. I finally found this one at has a nice worn in look and feel and it's not too tight...unbelievably comfy, it was worth the wait.
 The most important thing when wearing denim on top and bottom is to remember to make sure they are very different tones, this light on top looks great with the dark denim.

Chambray shirt: Winners - Mel and Mo brand
Tank: Bootlegger
Jeans: Warehouse One
Shoes: Converse
Bracelets: G21 - Wal Mart
Necklace - birthday gift from several years ago

Probably my favourite part of this whole look is the super bold lip. This is really fun to wear and anyone can pull it off, just remember to keep the eyes simple.
This colour is by Maybelline and is called Fifth Ave Fuschia. Ella loved it and told me I looked like spring. ;)

And because I like to link up with The Pleated Poppy on Wednesday's for What I Wore Wednesday here is the link to her post: what i wore wednesday — The Pleated Poppy

I haven't shared my playlist in awhile so thought I would do that. It's been pretty mellow, mostly alternative stuff. I've found with running this kind of music helps me zone out and enjoy rather than pump me up to run faster. If I go faster than I can't maintain it for as long and I'm trying to take less and less walking breaks.

Data Romance - Can't Keep Your Mind Off - this is free on iTunes this week
Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch - the one exception to the mellow, this one pumps me up. 

Happy Hump Day! :P


  1. love that shirt!

    If you want to take a look, here are my outfits for the week:

    1. Thank you! I'm on my way over to you now. :)

  2. Love the denim on denim! Such a perfect casual look.

    A Devine Life