Thursday, February 7, 2013

Some Thursday morning make up reviews

 You have probably heard of Revlon Lip Butters by now. They were all the rage in the beauty community, having the effect of a balm type lipstick. It feels like you are wearing lipgloss but still get more pigment like you would with lipstick and with less of a wet lip feeling than if you were using gloss. I love them and have them in several colours. Now Maybelline has gotten on board with their new Color Whisper lipstick. The interesting thing with Maybelline's version is that they contain no oil or waxes, it's a gel lipstick, something I hadn't tried before. When you put it on it almost feels like it's melting onto your lips. I know, strange description but that's what it feels's kind of cool.

 I love the packaging, the cursive "whisper" looks pretty and the lid colour matches the colour of the lipstick inside. I picked up two different shades to try, Lust for Blush (left) and Rose of Attraction (right). Both are very pretty neutral colours and will be part of my go to collection as I prefer a very light feeling lip for day to day.

You can read more about them here: Color Whisper™

This is Rose of Attraction

This is Lust for Blush.

Another product I picked up was this eyebrow pencil from NYX. It's called a push up bra for your eyebrows and the claim's legit. It really does work. You just run the highlighter shade under your brow, blend it lightly so there are no harsh lines and the effect is quite uplifting. I love it. Another go to product for everyday.

This is my new mascara from Loreal and I love it! Very buildable, you get big thick lashes and I haven't found a problem with smudging (my own personal pet peeve). It also comes in waterproof (that's for you Kathleen!). I have found over the years you can't usually go wrong with Loreal mascara, they have the market cornered.

I've been trying out this new The POREfessional make up primer from Benefit. It claims to minimize the appearance of pores. I have used it several times now and I don't think it makes a huge difference in pore size, although it does help a bit, it's main strength is making your skin super smooth, which is great for applying make up over top of. It also really helps to set the make up for the day. It's a great primer for sure...pore minimizing...meh..

What I do think it awesome for minimizing pores and smoothing out full on wrinkles is Nanoblur. They claim 10 years younger is 40 seconds, and it works my friends. I have blogged about this product before but thought it deserved a mention again because it's so awesome. It's inexpensive too, I think mine cost me about $16, and I found it at Wal Mart. Something in the product reflects the light in such a  way that you get a real airbrushed effect, it's like it blurs the wrinkles out. Try it and let me know what you think.

That's it for now, hope you are having a great Thursday and I'll see you tomorrow for Pinspiration Friday! :)


  1. Ooooh! I've so wanted to try Nanoblur! I've heard mixed results: some don't like the way it feels on your face.. heavy? I'm gonna give it a go.. ; ) Definitely going to try out that new mascara..glad to hear it comes in water proof (darn watery eyes!) Might have to give that brow pencil a go as well.. where abouts did you find that little gem at? Look at me excited about make up! I must be growing up! ; )


    1. I don't find the Nanoblur heavy on my face at all but I don't use it as an all over primer. I use it around my eyes and on those wrinkles between the brows that I get from squinting (which it works really well on) and then usually give a light sweep over the apples of my cheeks to smooth out the pores.
      The only local place that carries NYX cosmetics is London Drugs, which is were the got the push up bra brow it. :)
      I love make up! lol