Thursday, February 28, 2013

Julep Maven Program

I happened to come across an online ad for Julep when I was watching a make up tutorial on YouTube and although I had seen them in magazines before and had meant to check them out earlier I just never got there. I'm so glad I did this time, what a great program!
When you sign up to become a Julep Maven you begin with an online quiz asking you a few questions about your general style so they are able to customize a box to you. Once you're done you find out if you are a modern beauty, boho glam, bombshell or classic with a twist (that's me!). Then you can view that months box to see if you like it, if you do than it's on it's way, if you don't like it than you can either pass on that months box or send it to a friend if you think they might like it. I often get suspicious of programs like this because I worry about being locked in or ending up with product I don't like but this program takes those worries away. You can skip boxes without penalty and you can quit at any time. The cost per month is $19.99 which I think is very reasonable and the shipping is free. Also, they are running a special right now where your first box is free (details at the end of this post).

So my first box arrived and I was very excited! If you have been following this blog for any length of time than you know I love my beauty products and as a professional esthetician they have to be good quality or they don't stay. No matter how good the program seems the proof of course is in the product itself.

The box itself is chic and well packaged.

A lovely welcome letter...thank you!

My style profile card. :)

The product itself snuggled up all pretty in the box.

The packaging is pretty and came complete with a sample of foot cream.

The boxes consist of two polishes and a beauty product (depending on what profile you are). My product this month was cuticle oil which was actually perfect timing as my cuticles could use a little extra loving right now. The oil has a nice lavender scent and doesn't come pouring out of the bottle which is a pet peeve of mine with some other ones. It also soaked right in so gets a thumbs up from me. The polish colours I received were Meryl (grey) and Barbara (purple glitter).

Seeing as I was so excited to use the new product (and you can tell from the above photos that I had just taken my polish off and was in need of a mani) I went to work immediately.

I love purple and grey together and I love a glittery accent nail so I was able to try out both polishes right away. The polish was a little on the thinner side but had good coverage, and dried fairly quickly with a high gloss finish (the picture below shows dry nails with no top coat). I wish the polish bottles were a little larger (they contain about half the amount of a regular bottle of polish) but I almost never use an entire bottle of polish to the end so I'm ok with that. I do really like the rectangle shape of the bottles, it's different and fun.

If you would like to give the Julep Maven program a try (and why wouldn't you when the first box is free) than you can click here: Julep Maven and enter the code FREEBOX at checkout to get your first box for free (you will be charged $3.99 for shipping).

If you decide to try it out let me know what you think!


  1. Ah...I got the same...classic with a twist....was interested to see a different category! Maybe I'll try again and not second guess as much.... :}