Monday, February 18, 2013

Motivation Monday

Happy Monday! It was a good weekend for me as far as diet. This has pretty much been my mantra for the last week...

One of the biggest helps for me has been the  MyFitnessPal app. It tracks all your calories and has an exercise log as well. So far everything I have searched or tried to enter has been in the database. I haven't had to add a thing which is awesome. It's so quick and easy, and what's even better?? It's free baby!

One thing that really shocked me (and I'm usually pretty good with calorie counts) is a large coffee with one cream and one sugar from Tim Hortons is 135 calories and 7 grams of fat. Ouch. No more Tim's coffee for me, I'm back to tea with milk.

I've been trying to do the go to bed hungry thing but last night I broke down and had a few baby carrots with hummus (and made Chris have a couple too since he had to sleep with my garlic breath after that). I usually eat dinner between 6-6:30 and go to bed around 11:30-12. That is just too much time and I'm starving. The carrots and hummus took the edge off and I went to bed mildly hungry which I can totally handle, starving not so much.

I'm about to head out for my morning 7 km walk and tomorrow is track night (7pm if anyone wants to join in).

And just in case you need a little more motivation to get out the door today....

Now go!

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