Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I can't get no satis..I mean MOTIVATION!

Halloween is the worst time to try and toe the line when it comes to eating healthy, especially when you are married to a man who's birthday falls on Halloween and he loves mini chocolate bars..... Has there been a steady supply of the little delights in my house? Yes. Have I tried that hard not to eat them? No. This feels like the story of my life right now:

It's a good thing I am trying to be good and stay on a budget because doing any kind of clothes shopping right now would  probably ruin my day. I'm quite happy being blissfully ignorant.

Of course not shopping is a bit of a blog bummer considering that's mostly what I blog about. In the meantime maybe it would be better to blog about eating right and exercising?? Or music and funny stuff online??? Music and funny stuff it is!

Have you heard of Sweet Brown??
 Here's the original news clip:
And the auto tuned remix that made it so popular...so funny (and darn catchy...you've been warned) :

New tune:
Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven - did you catch Bruno Mars on SNL last week? Very funny!

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  1. LOL I heard it a couple months ago.... It's extremly funny!!! "ain't nobody got.time for that" Lmao!