Monday, October 22, 2012

Random Instagram pics and an update

 It's been awhile since my last post I know. For whatever reason I have just been finding it hard to think of things to write about. I have been having lots going on in my life so it isn't that....just putting it into words I guess.
 Anyway, I thought the quickest way to bring you up to date would be to go through my Instagram pics  (you can follow me on Instagram...just look for braebrook. FYI, half of the pics are dog related...the other side of my life! ;) ).

My mother heard about raspberry ketones through an episode of Dr Oz. They apparently shrink your fat cells and boost your metabolism. You can learn more here: Raspberry Ketone: Fat-Burner in a Bottle.
I have been taking them for a few days and I find that I do feel like I have more energy. Have you heard of them? Tried them?

Now the most appropriate thing I can think of to follow talking about a fat burning pill would be a nice pic of my Thanksgiving dinner dessert. No bake cheesecake...delicious. Nice and light for after a big turkey dinner too, you can't go wrong. Leave a message in the comment section if you would like the recipe.

This is a pic of my chicken pesto bake. You can find the basis of the recipe here: Skinny Chicken Pesto Bake. It is from the Skinnytaste website which I cook from frequently but with this one I used a store bought pesto sauce, other than that I stuck with the recipe. It was very tasty and the kids loved it too (I made Marshall's without the tomato on top).

I've talked about this mascara before...still my very favourite. No smudge all day long and makes your lashes look long and lovely. It's also incredibly easy to remove.

Took in a dog show with a puppy who had never been shown before and we went best puppy in group and third in the adult group.

And on to best puppy in show!

We went to Qualicum Beach to celebrate my Grandma's husbands 85th birthday and afterwards took the kiddies for a quick visit to Coombs. Here they are playing around in the "Coombs Taxi".

The leaves are pretty. If I took a pic now you would see a whole lot more colour and many many more leaves on the ground. The upkeep of our backyard in the fall is huge...those pretty leaves just keep falling...

My dahlia's are finally blooming. I planted them way too late in the year (sorry Mom!).

Mr Marshall fell asleep waiting for Ella's ballet class to end. When this happens it means he won't go to bed at night....but it sure is cute at the time. 

And my cat Smith on a soggy rainy day....this is pretty much where he spent the entire day...sleeping on my bed. I was jealous...

And yesterday we had a lovely birthday party to celebrate Chris, Ella and Marshall's birthdays (they are all in the span of two weeks).

So that should bring you up to date a bit. That just leaves the quote (truer words my friend):

And some new tunes:

Serena Ryder - Stompa - she really reminds me of Adele...but with a funkier beat. I just stumbled across this on iTunes.
Passenger - Let Her Go - this was a freebie on iTunes a couple of weeks ago

And I'm really liking Taylor Swift lately. I wasn't that big of a fan before but her new album is going to be good judging from the singles they are releasing. I already posted Begin Again, so here are two more songs I'm liking:
Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble - her sound is changing quite a bit, this even has a little dubstep in it.

And finally, I just started watching this new TV show (yes, I'm still addicted to Mad Men...halfway through season 4 now) called Arrow:

Has anyone seen this? There has only been two episodes so far (Wed nights) but I'll be tuning in again. You can watch the trailer here:

Thats it for now!


  1. Hey Mariah, I'd love that no bake cheese cake recipe please :)

    1. No problem little lady, I'll email it to you. ;)