Saturday, December 15, 2012

The gluten free feedback

I've gotten a bit behind in my posting lately as I have just been so busy with Christmas plans and puppies. I haven't had much time for anything else but I actually feel like I may have gotten caught up these last few days. I'm still not quite done my Christmas shopping and have a bit of baking left to do, but I'm getting close.

So...gluten free. My plan had been to try it for one month and see how I did and if it made much difference to how I felt overall. I made it to three weeks. I didn't find that I had a lot of cravings for things with gluten, but I did find that I had to be creative in coming up with new ideas of what I could eat. I'm very glad I didn't cut dairy at the same time which I had considered, that would have made things very tough. I did cut most sugar though, and to be honest I found that the hardest of all. Apparently I have more of a sweet tooth than I thought.
I didn't find that cutting the gluten made that much of a difference to me, so I definitely don't have any sensitivities. At first I thought that I felt more energetic but I think it was really just the increase in exercise, that was also giving me a nice attitude boost. My main reason for going back to the gluten? When I cut it out my digestion pretty much came to a grinding in nothing moving through.... Yeah....exactly. I just couldn't do it. I was taking psyllium husk twice a day, drinking tons of water, eating loads of veggies, and even resorted to drinking a diet tea that was nothing but senna leaf and things still weren't working the way they should. I went back to eating gluten and within two days I was back to being totally regular. The consensus? Go easy on the carbs for weight loss but gluten free doesn't work for me.

Now that wheat is back on the menu I have been enjoying Christmas baking with the kiddies. I would have baked with them anyway because it is such a Christmas tradition but it would have been very hard to not eat anything.

How cute are these two??

How are your Christmas plans coming along? What is your favourite Christmas music? I picked up Michael Buble's Christmas album last year and it's become one of my favourites. This year I think I will be adding Lady Antebellum's On a Winters Night album. I gave it a test run on iTunes and really liked it. I know Costco carries it so next trip there it will be coming home with me.

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