Friday, December 21, 2012

Some Christmas cheer

 I love Christmas, and I've really been feeling the spirit this year. It could be because the kids are at a good age and we got a little bit of snow over the weekend, but something feels a bit different this year. I wish I could slow things down...December seems to fly by and I haven't done all I want to do yet! I also haven't been blogging much as I try to do it...and having the flu didn't help much either. I'm back today though and the Christmas music is on in the background, Marshall and I are making cookies and Ella is enjoying her last day at school before the Holidays...(PJ day today..she was so excited). I'm looking forward to my parents coming for Christmas, and I am so feeling so blessed that the kids get to have their grandparents here at this special time.

This post will hopefully bring some Christmas cheer into your home with these great photos that I have collected from random places online. Enjoy!

I have some wonderful memories of going house to house singing Christmas carols by horse draw wagon in my hometown. It looked much like this picture in fact, right down to the Belgian horses pulling us along. I would love to do that again..

I love hot chocolate this time of year and we have been enjoying a lot of it here after playing outside in the snow and cold...complete with whipped cream on top, yum!

I thought this was a fun idea...frozen whipped cream that is cut out with cookie cutters to go in your hot chocolate. A good way to cool it down for the kiddies and it looks great too.

The bit of snow we got really made it feel festive here.


Don't these Peppermint Meringues look delicious? I'm going to try them out this weekend.

My favourite new Christmas song this year is this great tune:

 I just love it. :)

I hope you are having a great Holiday season so far...there's the oven, my sugar cookies are ready!

Merry Christmas to all! :)


  1. I loved going Christmas Caroling as a kid, I wish kids still did that today. Merry Christmas Mariah, we are currently enjoying the flu over here. :)

    1. Caroling is the best, maybe we need to start up an old tradition. ;)
      Boo to the's been going through the family here, Chris is the only one to have avoided it so far. Get better soon and Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  2. Grandma and Grandpa are sure looking forward to sharing this most special time of the year with all of the Dupuy's. Can not beat family!! Mariah your Christmas memories make me smile. Love having you for a daughter.

    1. Mom! Your first post!
      I'm so glad to be your daughter. :) See you in a few days!